The AST Trust plans to offer an increasing number of book titles for sale through the Sales section of this website.

Two of the books currently on offer are published by the Trust – viz:

We are pleased to be able to offer two fascinating books by Adrian Tester, a professional mechanical engineer and AST member, both published through his publishing arm Crimson Lake.  Both books have somewhat unprepossessing titles that belie the depth and extent of their contents.  Both challenge the received wisdom handed down to the enthusiast community by the likes of E.S. Cox and others.  Their titles are:

Both are thoroughly recommended to anyone who shares an interest in steam history and technology.

It is planned to expand the selection of titles on offer.  AST members and non-members are encouraged to suggest titles that might be made available through this website, including works of their own.

All proceeds from the sale of books through this website accrue to the Trust and will be used to fund its work improving the performance, reliability and/or economy of steam locomotives.