Porta Papers Vol 2 – Members’ payment page

Members wishing to buy a copy of Porta Papers Vol 2 may use the PayPal link below offering 20% discount on retail prices. Please ensure that you select the appropriate amount, depending on whether you want your copy sent within Europe or outside Europe.

Book Price including postage

If you wish to order more than one copy of the book, please write to the Webmaster to arrange a special delivery.

As noted on the main book page, PDF copies of Porta’s original handwritten manuscripts will be made available to buyers who would like to be able to check the accuracy of the transcriptions.

Other than a 10% royalty payable to the Porta Foundation, all proceeds from the sale of the book will accrue to Advanced Steam Traction Services Ltd. (ASTS), and will be used to fund its work of fostering improvements to the performance, reliability and/or economy of steam locomotives.