AST Conference Records

On 16th November 2013, the last meeting of the 5AT Group was held at Haworth attended by 18 members.  Following a brief members’ session, the meeting took the form of an informal conference with technical presentations by seven speakers, covering a large number of topics:

  • 5AT Group History (John Hind);
  • XT Update (Jamie Keyte);
  • Locomotive boilers (Alan Haigh);
  • Girdlestone chassis  proposals (Cedric Lodge);
  • Cambrian Steam, ERTMS and 44871 status (Angus Eickhoff);
  • Sound as a diagnostic tool (Robin Pennie);
  • Locomotive Exhausts (Jos Koopmans);
  • New builds – what is and what is not relevant from 5AT experience and modern rail practice (Paul Hibberd);
  • Library & Archive (Cedric Lodge);
  • Steam Locomotive Support Equipment (Cedric Lodge);
  • Clan Project Update (John Hind/Iain Jack).

Shortly after this meeting, the 5AT Project was disbanded and the AST Trust was established.  However the success of that 2013 mini-conference inspired ASTT’s committee to host a more formal conference each autumn starting in 2016.

ASTT’s 2016 conference was a one-day affair held at the White Lion hotel in Haworth which attracted 25 attendees.  Its 2017 conference was a 2-day affair held at the Bury Transport Museum which attracted 35 visitors.  Its 2018 conference will also be a 2 day affair to be held over the weekend of 29/30 September, once again at the Bury Transport Museum.

Separate pages provide details of these conferences and the papers presented at them – see:

In addition to its annual conferences, ASTT holds its AGM in March each year.  Its 2017 AGM was followed by a General Meeting that took the form of a mini-conference, details of which can be found on the Mar 2017 Presentations page.