AST Meetings and Conferences

ASTT endeavours to programme at least two meetings into each calendar year, these being: an AGM usually held on the first Saturday in March (usually followed by a few technical talks), and a 2-day conference held over the first weekend in October.

The first conference was held in 2016 at Haworth, and the first of the post-AGM technical sessions was held in 2017 at Bury.  Information about these meetings (including copies of presentations) can be accessed by logged-in members through the drop-down menu associated with this page.

Not included in these records was the last meeting of the 5AT Group held at Haworth on 16th November 2013, which was attended by 18 members.  The meeting took the form of an informal conference with presentations by seven speakers that included:

  • 5AT Group History (John Hind);
  • XT Update (Jamie Keyte);
  • Locomotive boilers (Alan Haigh);
  • Girdlestone chassis  proposals (Cedric Lodge);
  • Cambrian Steam, ERTMS and 44871 status (Angus Eickhoff);
  • Sound as a diagnostic tool (Robin Pennie);
  • Locomotive Exhausts (Jos Koopmans);
  • New builds – what is and what is not relevant from 5AT experience and modern rail practice (Paul Hibberd);
  • Library & Archive (Cedric Lodge);
  • Steam Locomotive Support Equipment (Cedric Lodge);
  • Clan Project Update (John Hind/Iain Jack).

The 5AT Project was disbanded shortly afterwards whereupon the AST Trust was established.