2018 Conference – Bury

Additional photos can be viewed by clicking here.

ASTT’s 2018 Conference was successfully held over the weekend of 29th/30th September. Once again the conference was held at the Bury Transport Museum and followed a similar format to last year’s events except that instead of workshop visits, attendees enjoyed a steam-hauled ride over the ELR’s metals in a reserved “conference coach”.

Attendance was similar to last year with 35 present on the Saturday and 28 on the Sunday. 30 attended the conference dinner on the Saturday night. Apologies were also received from 34 members and others who were unable to come. (A list of attendees and apologies can be found on the Conference Handout.)

Eleven excellent papers were presented covering a wide variety of subjects as follows. Links are provided to allow members to download PDF copies of the PowerPoint files for each and to view video recordings of all but one of the presentations, the exception being loss of the first 10 or 15 minutes of Dave Reynolds’ presentation due to camera problems. (Note: PDF files may download to your “Downloads” folder instead of appearing in your browser.)

  1. Jamie Keyte: Revolution 10Modular Concept to Reality” [see video recording];
  2. David Gibson and Owen Jordan: “Outreach & the K6” [see video recording];
  3. Dave Reynolds: “Wot I did as CME (of the East Lancs Rly.)” No PPT file – see video (second half only);
  4. Joe Cliffe on the “Condensing locomotives and the Anderson system” [see video recording];
  5. Doug Landau: “Smokebox Char Recovery” and “Cylinder Heat Jackets” [see video recording];
  6. David Smith: “Coal Combustion and Biomass Conversion for Modern Power Generation” [see video recording];
  7. Chris Ellick: “Clan Line in the 21st Century” [see video recording];
  8. William Powell: “Improving Small Gauge Steam Locomotives” [see video recording];
  9. Richard Coleby: “Walschaerts in a box – designing enclosed valve gears” [see video recording];
  10. Joe Cliff on “An appraisal of Stanier’s work on the LMS and the Turbomotive“: [see video recording];
  11. John Hind: “The New-Build Clan Project – ASTT’s Improvement Recommendations” [see video recording].

The conference organizers would like to extend their warm thanks to:

  • Sarah Kerrison of the Bury Transport Museum who was so helpful in setting up the meeting room and reception area, and providing us with lunches and refreshments on both days;
  • Anna Duncan, the ELR Passenger Services Manager who arranged the steam ride for us and organised the on-board refreshments;
  • Richard Coleby who stood in to chair the Saturday session so competently and our Chairman John Hind who chaired the Sunday session;
  • Our nine excellent speakers listed above, with special thanks to Richard Coleby and Chris Ellick who stood in at short notice when Wolf Fengler had to withdraw from the conference.

For those who are interested, Wolf kindly sent a copy of his PowerPoint file which he had prepared for the conference, describing the progress being made on the new-build T1 Project in the US. A PDF version of his paper can be downloaded for viewing by clicking here.